The key to a successful shoot is staying on budget, even when the creative ideas change within the course of the campaign or project. Estimated costs are based on research for each specific job and it is of highest priority to come in on budget or below original estimated costs.


We have a unique roster of talented and hard-working crew that is as a cohesive team on every project we do.


Whether you need a location around the corner, or around the globe, we can find just the spot you are looking for to make your vision come to life. Permitting can be tricky, especially when you only have a couple of days notice. Relax, we’ll make sure it will happen, we know people.


Looking for a specific demographic look, top model, or maybe you want an everyday joe off the street. We are prepared to find exactly the talent you are looking for. We have an extensive list of great talent agencies whom we have great rapport and staying within budget while meeting your demographic requirements are the goals. We also have wonderful “real people” resources, so sit back and let us do the leg work. We can provide in person castings and galleries for easy viewing depending on your needs. Nothing is out of the norm.


Getting you from somewhere to someplace, no worries, we’ll handle it.


If you're an advertising agency you need someone who can bring it all together, with experience on all sides. I know, I’ve worked on the photography side and the agency side. The grass is green on both sides! Starting with your first rough sketches of a creative idea and ending with a stellar product that your client will do backflips over, I’ll help you get there. I bring to the table expertise not only in the advertising arena, but also with several years experience as a producer of print photography. I believe flexibility is the key to success and know firsthand how creative ideas can change over the course of a campaign or project and the necessity to adapt without jeopardizing budgets and the end result. I have outstanding knowledge of all aspects of production and understand the importance of good planning and scheduling in every project and I have the resources available for every challenge.