Callie Householder: Your local world-class producer.

As an advertising studio director for many years and a photography producer, I’ve enjoyed working with great clients such as AFLAC, Coca-Cola, Georgia Lottery, Embassy Suites, Chick-fil-a, Famous Footwear, Aruba Tourism, Primrose Schools and Cal Ripken. Whether the work was in studio or on location nationally or globally, each job was uniquely different and rewarding. I can help make your big idea happen with finesse and ease. I’m committed to providing you with a well-produced campaign and fabulous end result. With experience in both advertising and photography, not only can I understand your creative vision from an advertising standpoint, but I will also provide the means necessary to see it to fruition, within budget, and we’ll have fun while doing it. 

How did I get from there to here? For those that know me well, they know my passion is travel and photography. I want to see the world and every piece of it, I’ve felt this way from as long as I can remember. It was some time before I cultivated a way to actually make a living doing both. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Fine Arts, I backpacked through Europe for several months on my own and I tried really hard to get the travel bug out of my system, but it continued to gnaw at my psyche. Upon my return, I packed all my worldy belongings and headed to Atlanta. I soon found my small piece of life in Atlanta that I now truly love. I made my way up the corporate ladder, print production, graphic services and then studio director at a sweet ad agency just north of the city. In 2005, the universe opened it’s doors for me and I found myself leaving the corporate world behind and walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago de Compestella. Now 500 miles is a long way to walk, but so many doors opened for me after that trip. Did I finally find something that not only encompassed my passions but I could make a living too? Seems strange but that’s exactly what happened. When I returned to Atlanta I began working for an incredibly talented photographer and began producing photo shoots locally, nationally and internationally. I’m amazed at the possibilities that have come my way. The flexibility, meeting amazing people and traveling has been a true adventure.

My reality? Everyday is a gift and at the end of every day I am always right where I’m meant to be and to have this understanding everyday is truly a blessing. I will put my heart and soul into every project I do, and I do take it personally, you can count on it.